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How did we start?

In a small café in London in January 2000, a PhD student asked her friend,
Dr. Warren Sherliker, to teach her how to make a website. After spending 2 days at home, she came up with the name of her first website "ThaiSmile".

In August 2000, she launched, the first web site based in the United Kingdom that provides information related to travel to Thailand, Thai food and Thai cultural events.

The website has slowly built a following in the United Kingdom of people who are interested in Thailand. In response to this increase in interest, the Tourism Authority of Thailand organised a press conference in February 2001 to announce that had been named as its official website for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Following year, in April 2001, she had an idea of publishing the first Thai magazine to provide updated information to Thai people who live in the United Kingdom. From the magazine, ThaiSmile now has expanded its business to ThaiSmile Supermarket (since 2005), ThaiSmile TV and ThaiSmile Finance (since 2014).

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